Miscellaneous Auto Services

For whatever else may pose a threat to your vehicle's road performance, our knowledgeable auto specialists provide a number of other miscellaneous auto services. And because our work is guaranteed, you can rest assured that you're receiving the best workmanship possible. Let us know how we can help you! Contact us at 845-557-8881 to set up an appointment for additional quality auto services.

Our miscellaneous auto services include:

After hours drop off

Sometimes auto repair needs arise long after most auto repair shops have closed (most auto repair shops close at 6 pm). With after hours drop off services, you leave your car at the mechanics shop for repair even if the shop has closed. You simply fill out an envelope, put in your keys, and drop it in a drop box. The auto shop will only contact you when your car is ready or when they need additional information. At D & R Auto Repair Inc., we value your convenience and that is why we offer after hours drop off services. A completed Drivability Form will help the mechanic diagnose any problems. Even if we have closed, you just drop off your vehicle at our shop and our mechanics will work on it and contact you when it is ready.

Exhaust Repairs or Replacement of any Components of the OE Exhaust System

A motor vehicle exhaust system is piping used to guide exhaust gasses away from the engine to the outdoors. Although the exhaust system's main purpose is to guide exhaust gases from the engine to the outdoors, it can be modified to increase engine power, reduce pollution, and reduce noise. To achieve this, you need to invest in a custom-made exhaust system.

Fuel economy inspection

The experts at D & R Auto Repair Inc. can inspect your vehicle and perform services that can help it operate at peak performance and help improve fuel efficiency and overall fuel economy. These inspections and services may include items such as:

  • Change engine oil, using the recommended grade of motor oil
  • Check and change your air filter
  • Inspect and, if necessary, replace a clogged fuel filter
  • Adjust tire pressure to manufacturer-recommended specs
  • Inspect/clean the intake system
  • Inspect/replace emissions components and/or a faulty oxygen sensor
  • Inspect brakes for proper adjustment
  • Inspect power steering system and perform a steering alignment, if necessary
  • Clean or replace dirty or malfunctioning fuel injectors
  • Inspect/replace spark plugs and spark plug wires
  • Check exhaust for clogged catalytic converter
  • Examine the exhaust gas recirculation system

We offer most major brands of tires

The main purpose of these rubber coverings is to protect the wheel's rims and improve vehicle performance. The quality of tires used on a vehicle highly affects the vehicle's performance. At D & R Auto Repair Inc., we understand that tires are an important part of your car. For this reason, we only deal with brand name tires. Also, we offer fleet tire management services to ensure you are getting the best value, fuel economy, and life from your tires.

Good selection of new and used tires

We have a wide selection of both new and used tires. If you want performance from your car and don't have the money to buy new tires for your drive, consider going for used tires. At D & R Auto Repair Inc., we have a good selection of new and used tires. Our selection of used tires is safer and last longer than some new tires. All our used tires pass the industry's 2/32nds tread test. Visit D & R Auto Repair Inc. today for your new and used tire needs.

Performance modifications

Do have a passion for speed and performance? Performance modifications on your car let you attain high levels of speeds and performance. This type of modification involves modifying or completely replacing some of your vehicle's parts with high performance ones to boost its performance and speed. Mechanics at D & R Auto Repair Inc. have a passion for performance too. The mechanics will make all the necessary performance modifications to ensure you get the best performance from your drive. For all your performance modification needs, contact us at 845-557-8881 or visit D & R Auto Repair Inc. today.

Pre-purchase inspections

Are you planning to buy a new car? Don't take chances. Be confident about the car you are buying. Have pre-purchase inspections performed on the vehicle. Pre-purchase inspections simply involve examining the car's condition to ensure it is worth buying. At D & R Auto Repair Inc., we have pre-purchase inspection experts ? mechanics who will scrutinize any car, make, and model and tell you if it is worth buying or not. Pre-purchase inspections will definitely give you piece of mind when you buy your next used car.

Pre trip inspection

A pre-trip check up can make the difference between a safe trip and one that ends in a tragedy. The inspection aims at looking for possible defects and potential mechanical problems that could cause disaster. Before embarking on a trip you should make sure your car is fully inspected for safety. You can rely on experts for a comprehensive pre-trip inspection. At D & R Auto Repair Inc., we have pre-trip inspection experts who are able to conduct safety inspections on any car, make, and model. Our experts are dedicated to ensuring you have a safe trip. Simply drop by or give us a call at 845-557-8881.

State inspection station

State inspection stations are privately owned, but government certified, inspection stations throughout a state. D & R Auto Repair Inc. is a state inspection station. For your state inspection needs visit or call our auto shop at 845-557-8881.

Trailer hitches and wiring

Although a trailer does not have an engine of its own, it does require some wiring. The trailer needs wires to move current to the brake lights and other lights at the back. To have your trailer hitches and wiring handled by experts, visit D & R Auto Repair Inc.. We have qualified and experienced electricians who will handle trailer hitches and wiring.

On site welding

Welding is the fabrication and sculptural process that joins metal parts. At D & R Auto Repair Inc., we offer various welding services. Simply give us a call at 845-557-8881 or visit our shop in Barryville, NY.

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